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Despite what the saying implies, it is actually very easy to teach an old dog new tricks! When a dog becomes a member of your family, it is necessary for them to learn the rules and behaviors of the household. As a professional dog trainer in Gulf Breeze, FL, Kip Kirby can help train your adult dog to exhibit desirable behaviors, and in doing so, she will help strengthen the bond that you share with your beloved pet.

During her twenty years in the dog training field, Kip has worked with dogs of all breeds and sizes, as well as rescue and adopted dogs. Her years of experience have taught Kip that dogs really do love to learn! As pack animals, dogs naturally gravitate towards a leader - and they trust that leader to show them what to do.

Whether you realize it or not, your dog is constantly looking to you for cues on how to act. When you work with our trainers, we show you how to give your canine consistent and clear messages that will help encourage the behaviors that you want.

Our custom training packages utilize motivational training to assist dogs in learning desired behaviors. Most of the work we do with adult dogs revolves around learning advanced household manners, such as heeling and attention focus, and building confidence in shy or fearful dogs. Sometimes, dogs come into a home with a lot of behaviors they have to “unlearn,” and our program helps with that, as well. We can help aggressive dogs feel safe and calm, and we will work with you to target problem areas.

Let Kip Kirby and East Bay Dog Spot help you achieve the kind of relationship you have always wanted with your dog!

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